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Tips to Get Dressed in Ethnic and Indo Western Attire during Navratri

The time of Navratri and Durga Puja confers an essence of subtle fashion and serenity that adds to the glam on the Dandiya night. People rejoice in the festival to the fullest, as they dress with the most beautiful ethnic wear. It is considered to be an effective option for being out of the ordinary in the crowd. Ethnic and Indo western dresses play an indispensable role in conferring an amazing look owing to which they are considered to be a crucial part of Navaratri dressing.

Nothing can beat these dresses if you wish to make this Navratri a memorable occasion in your life. A wide variety of ethnic designs have come up for sassy ladies and girls who have been waiting for the time for a longer time.

Here are some essential tips that will confer an elegant look to you during the Navaratri:

Go for bright colors

In the country of India, festivals are not limited to boasting of delicious cuisines prepared at home and roistering. The intensity is much here with the presence of catchy accessories, lush fashion drapes, and jewelry. With the privilege dressing freedom and cultural of 29 states, you are sure to get spoilt by the combination of different cultures and bright colors. In this land, Indo-western fashion has been discovered. In the festival of Hindus, it is recommended to wear dull or deep colors. Say no to black in solo. Bright and colorful colors are helpful in turning the mode into the cheerful mode.

Take care of fabric

The fabric is the most crucial thing you can notice. The right quality of the fabric makes you feel cozy during occasions. The fabric is the representation of Indian culture. You can select from silk, cotton, khadi or mixed fabrics. Choose a comfortable fabric that will enable skin to breathe at ease.


In order to enjoy to the fullest during Navratri, it is essential to be comfortable. You are not going to feel comfortable in heavyweight garments. Hence, it is recommended to go for light weighted ethnic and Indo Western Outfits for Men. Hence, say no to clothes which make you comfortable.

Go for different varieties of ethnic wear

Navratri is the time when you can flaunt sexy lehenga or ghagra cholis, Bandhani Sarees, Gujrati leheriya. As it is the perfect time to flaunt the ethnic wear, you can opt for little blunt options. You should choose Indo western collection in order to look great on different occasions. You are sure to procure an elegant look by choosing these ethnic and indo-western dresses during these festivals.

Pin properly

Buying premium quality of pins that will not mingle with the delicate fabric of the apparel. Pin the clothes rightly for dressing up during the occasions. Whether you opt for Indo-western or ethnic apparels, you need to ensure that you have pinned it properly.

Proper hair styling

A neat and high bun can confer you an amazing look while wearing ethnic and Indo-western sherwani suits. A french braid or fish-tail will cast a magic. It is recommended to avoid messy hair-styles during wearing Indo-western and ethnic wear.

The festival of Navaratri has gained high prominence for frolic and pompous attitude where people will procure reasons for gathering up and celebrating every moment to the utmost zeal for continuous 9 days. As you go for these dresses, you continue to look ultra fashionable even during the busiest schedule of lives. The celebration will thereby be a continuous play and hassle some to handle if a proper dressing is done. You need to procure the perfect look and the ethnic and Indo western dresses are vital in this aspect.

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