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Tips to choose the perfect dress for the New Year Eve

If you are going to attend a party on the New Year eve, you need to choose the right dress for the evening. It is essential o dress in an eye-catching manner with an eye to standing out of the ordinary in the crowd. Most parties are known to be a bit wild and festive and your style should reflect that. With an eye to leaving a long-lasting impression on guests and hosts, you need to choose a glitzy and daring outfit along with the right accessories and makeup. You should give a finish to your looks by highlighting the best features of the face with the dramatic makeup.

Show a bit of your skin

In order to show a bit of the skin, you can pick short skirts which are considered to be relatively standard for the New Year’s Eve. In case you are not uncomfortable with that, you can stick to skirts which fall at or above the knee. You should be selecting a length which makes you look and feel perfect, irrespective of the tradition.

Choose an interesting neckline

In lieu of straight cut neckline, you may consider a dress which is a bit flirtatious. Thus, you can opt for a strapless sweetheart neckline or a crisscross strap. If you are looking for a more conservative option, you can give a try to the festive scoop neck which will be keeping the shoulder covered. They, however, expose a part of the collarbone.

Go for one-shoulder dress

One shoulder dresses play an indispensable role in the creation of a dramatic flair which works best for the parties on the New Year eve. In addition to this, you can play peek-a-boo with the shoulders as they will confer a sultrier look other than keeping both the shoulders bare.

Choose backless dresses

If you are not willing to expose chest or shoulders but you are having a fairly clear skin and toned back, a daring backless dress might be the right option. A conservative front can make things look more classy. The exposed back can show the tempting glimpse of the skin.

Keeping the legs warm

Consider that it is the chill time of the year and you may not want to leave the legs exposed. Simple skin tone nylon pantyhose is going to do the trick. However, if you wish to make more of the statement, you can give a consideration to wearing a patterned or black nylon

Wrapping it up

According to the skin showed by your dress, the back or shoulders may feel cold. You can carry a shawl or wrap for having a venture outside. A cape or capelet offers a little more coverage, thereby offering a dramatic twist.

Choose a sequined dress

Most people avoid wearing a sequined dress. However, these dresses are considered to be the best options on the New Year eve. They are believed to be the most classic and welcoming dress for the New Year eve.


 If you are wearing a sparkly dress, you can choose colorful and solid hue for the fingers. A glitter nail polish works in a perfect manner with the little black dress. You can also apply a bit of bronzer or blush to the apple of the cheeks for bringing the life and color back to the skin. You can also create some drama with the smokey eyes. You can put some mascara or dark eyeliner prior to brushing different shades of brown, gray or black shadow over the lids. You can also incorporate a little color by choosing the colored eyeshadow in the deep and rich shade.

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