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All you should know about Three Piece Suits for Men

Nothing can make you look classier than a well-fitted three-piece suit. Suits are simply timeless. Suits are still considered to be an ideal choice of dressing for men. Suits make a man look stylish, confident, and sharper. They are not meant for office or meetings only, suits are worn for entertaining shows, ceremonies, functions, parties etc. There are a number of patterns, designs, colors, styles, and makes of suits available.

The three piece suit is one of the common and renowned varieties today. They are enchanting and warm fashion dress. However, it is not surprising or uncommon to find people getting confused while differentiating a 3 piece suit and a tuxedo. There are a number of differences between them and the differences are obvious in their own way. Nonetheless, one should have at least a pair in his wardrobe. Nothing can match the retro stylish look of a three piece suit.

Difference between Three Piece Suits and Tuxedos

The basic difference between a 3 piece suit and a tuxedo lies upon the matching vest. In a tuxedo, the blazer and the vest are of different materials. On the other hand, in a 3 piece suit, the same material is used to manufacture or stitch the blazer and the vest. This helps in eliminating the contrast between the blazer and the vest, which is prevalent in the tuxedos. Tuxedos are usually contrasting and that makes them an ideal choice for weddings and parties

The Modern Version

Stylized jacquard suit with satin lapel and double Breasted vest

Three piece suits still give the dressy and buttoned-up look, which signifies that you are prepared for some serious business. However, the form has undergone some changes. The suit's modern version follows a structured and slimmer look. There are a number of brands that offer ranges of slim fit suits with lapels and slim sleeves, trim pleat-less pants without the cuffs, and cropped jacket-hems. This look can be completed by vests, which come just above the belt, usually with lower welt-pockets and in the variety of five buttons.

If you are not looking for the slim silhouette, then you can also go for the close cut three piece suits with curved lines. This will give you a feel of the early eighties.

The Popular Styles: Your body's shape, height, and weight are the attributes that contribute to making the attire look fantastic and you sharper. The following three variations are the common styles of wearing a 3 piece suit.

Traditional Wear: This is the style that the older generation followed. You should wear one contrasting shirt and button the blazer. You can also wear a tie that has a diagonal design.

Avant Wear: You should choose a shirt that would match with your suit and the shirt should not be contrasting like the traditional style. You should keep the blazer unbuttoned and the waistcoats exposed.

Aristocratic Wear: This is actually the modern or latest approach. This works quite well with the dark colored waistcoats and blazers. You should wear a white shirt. You can wear a tie of any color.


There are still a good number of people who are not sure about the three piece suit's vest. Although the answer is not very simple, a good idea would be to follow the jacket's cut. If you want to try a cropped or very slim jacket, then you should make sure that the vest follows the same fit and lines, cropped and slim and keeping it just above your belt line. If you are going for a traditional fit, the vest should fall slightly below your belt buckle.

Three piece suits for men have been around for ages. They are classy, elegant, and sophisticated. Be it a wedding or a formal party, a three piece suit will never let you down.

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