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This Independence day with Indian Ethnic Attire for men

India is the hub of unique and different cultures, all under one roof with different religions and diverse cultures from different regions of the country. With diverse cultures and religions, comes different festivals and their own different traditions and rituals to celebrate these. But, there are some festivals when the whole country stands united and celebrates together as one nation. One of those special occasions is the “Independence Day” that the country celebrates every year with a common feeling of patriotism to pay tribute to their country.

 A common ritual in India that has been observed over these years is the Ethnic attire. Ethnic clothes have been the soul of India and its cultures. Ethnic attire is something that has kept the nation United in the diverse cultures we have. Tri-colour is the common dominant colour seen on Independence Day. Your attire is one of the most important ways through which you can express your feelings for your country. It is a way of celebration. On any other festival, people dress up accordingly, on Diwali, you wear colourful clothes, on Holi you wear white coloured clothes or old clothes to play with colours, on Baisakhi people prefer wearing yellow clothes and so on. Every festival has its own rituals.

 Independence Day is a huge celebration for India. It is one of the most important days. On Independency Day, people generally wear ethnic clothes and celebrate with their friends and family. Commonly people try combinations with white, saffron and green and respect the National Flag. Clothing always matters. Ethnic clothing is something that India is known for. Traditional Indian attire has always been admired by people all over the globe. Traditional Indian wear has its own elegance and charm and cannot be compared to Western clothes. Mostly people try to incorporate tricolour for any Independence Day celebrations and it is not at all difficult to look stylish in a tricolour ethnic attire. Especially the men, don’t have to crib at all to not have a lot of options with them.

“Dressing well is a form of good Manners” 

                                                                                                       – Tom Ford

Since Independence Day is around the corner, so here are some tips for all the men here to celebrate their Independence Day in style with true patriotism: 

  1. A turban never goes out of style
    Well, it never goes wrong with a turban. A turban is a symbol of Royalty for a man, it’s a sense of pride and you should feel proud of being an Indian. So do it with a Tricolour turban on. You can pair a tricolour turban with your white kurta and you’re ready to go!
  2. Create a combo with your whites
    Nehru jackets being in trend, guys should pair up your white kurta or pathani with a saffron or green jacket to rock the look. You could also use a saffron or green coloured stroll if you don’t want to go in for a jacket. You can also accessorise your look with a tricolour bracelet on.
  3. Go the colourful way
    If you don’t just want to stick to whites, then try it out the other way round. You could team up your saffron coloured kurta or pathani suit with a green or white coloured Nehru jacket.
    You can also pick up a dark green gurta or pathnai and team it up with a white jacket and you’re done for the day.
  4. Ditch the denims
    Team up your white kurta with a white dhoti pant and saffron or dark green Nehru jacket. To complete the look, you can also accessorise it with a National Flag brouche.

 But make sure, that you wear what makes you feel comfortable and proud! Happy Independence Day to all!

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