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The Summer Suite Guide

Winters have been brutal this year with temperatures dipping down than ever before and everyone wishes the sun to rise and shine now. Finally, after all the wait and cold days, people are excited about summer which seems to be just around the corner. The laid back season with iced lattes and barbecues doesn’t always mean a person can just put in some shorts and flip flops to everywhere apart from the lousy weekends. Dressing sharply to look professional, appropriate and stylish stays the same for the hottest season as well. Summer indeed gives you an opportunity to play with different fabrics, textures, and colours to bring out the best in you. With a variety of suits available in the market for you to choose. Here is a list of things you can keep in mind before buying a suit for this summer.

Suit Fabric

The fabric is the most important thing you ought to be looking for while deciding what suit to put on this season. While wool, tweed, and cashmere are the perfect fabrics for winters, they might be really hard to live within summers as they are built to insulate and trap heat inside. What you need to do this season is to switch these fabrics with lighter, comfortable and more breathable fabrics that allow the heat to escape. Cotton, Linen or a mix of both materials allows maximum breathability. Seersucker, a striped cotton fabric, pretty famous in the 19th century has been revived and is back in the game. Linen, as we all know, is the first choice of people in the summers and it well deserves that spot because it’s one of the most lightweight and breathable fabrics that are available. The only problem with linen is that it wrinkles way too easily, although this looks good if you are wearing your suit to an informal event or gathering. For formal meetings or events, you can always try a suit that contains a mix of linen and cotton or linen and wool and stay away from copious wrinkling. Cotton is the most used fabric in summers and cotton suits are very popular amongst men as they are pretty cool than compared to other fabrics. Wearing a cotton suit can make you look cool and feel cool in even the hottest days of summer. Variety of colours are also available in cotton and especially light colours are preferred. Fresco wool is another fabric that is apt for the summer. Despite the fact that wool is majorly worn in winters, fresco wool which means fresh wool is very airy and durable. While being extremely elegant and refined, fresco wool is even better than cotton and linen due to its open weave nature which allows body heat to escape easily.

Suit Colour

Choosing light colours will help the suit to reflect light rather than absorbing it hence light colours become a major choice of the summer wardrobe collection when it comes to any kind of clothing including suits. Pitch black, navy blue, and charcoal grey have always been the first choice of men while buying suits. This does somehow change when you are choosing suits for the summer. Instead of charcoal grey, you can always go with a lighter shade of grey and mix and match it with your shirts colour and the colour of your pocket square. Light shades of blue instead of dark ones can also be worn and look perfect while being cool. Wear a baby blue suit to a beach wedding in the summer and you can be the best-dressed man in the event. Khaki coloured suits are also pretty fantastic for summers and can give you a great appearance.

Whatever suit you might choose to wear this summer, always keep in mind the event you are attending, the dress code and how comfortable and relaxed a fabric makes you feel. Once you are comfortable in a suit, you already have the confidence to win the world with your dressing.


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