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The Suit Colour Guide

The first thing a person is going to notice about your suit is going to be the colour of the suit. Everything else comes in later. So colour becomes an important aspect while choosing a suit. Every man out there already owns a black or grey suit that is sitting in your wardrobe just in case an event comes by and you are totally unprepared. If you are also a person who just needs a suit once in a while for very particular events where wearing a suit becomes completely necessary, going with a dark coloured suit that is well accepted might seem the best choice. Black, dark blue and charcoal grey have always been socially accepted in formal events. So owning a dark coloured suit becomes completely necessary as you will always have something to put on that is classic and evergreen and will probably never go out of fashion till the end of time.

The world doesn’t end at classic black or grey suits that you might already have. There are plenty of other colours out there that you can choose from and we shall talk about some of them here so that you can get the perfect coloured suit next time you are out shopping. The colour of your suit majorly depends on the season and colours can be chosen according to the season that you are planning to wear it for. With the onset of spring, lighter colours are more favoured rather than dark ones as worn in winters. You can choose to go with a light shade of grey and match it with your shirt and pocket square accordingly. Other colours can also be experimented with while choosing a spring suit. Shades of blue, Marsala, toasted almond and other lighter, happier tones can be chosen to wear in spring. You can also accordingly choose the colour of your pants and shoes and see what goes best with your newly bought suit so that you can completely be spring-ready from head to toe. In the summer when it’s pretty hot outside, men tend to refrain from wearing suits as wearing a suit means putting on something that would trap heat and make it even more uncomfortable in summers but you don’t need to keep thinking like that now as there are plenty of suits designed especially for summers keeping in mind what you want from your summer suit. The colours of the summer suits are also chosen very aptly in synchronisation with the overall climate and feel of the summer season. There are different colours you can go with in summers like Grass Turf, Limon cello, Orange Rind, Mauve Mist, Deep Ocean, and Butterscotch. With autumn in the air, you are more likely to wear earthy warmer tones of colours that feel welcoming and can go along the environment. Your suit should complement you as well the environment. Forest greens, browns and tweeds are the most sought after colours of autumn. Autumn colours also include dark purple, plum, brown, cream and red. Winter suits are heavier and are generally available in colours that absorb light to keep you warm even in the coldest days out there. Winter suits are made from heavy materials and have thick lining. Colours worn in winter are generally black, charcoal grey, dark blue and other dark shades which are also considered classic and are the most worn and widely appreciated by men for centuries now. Apart from these classic colours you can always go ahead and try to mix and match things up to stand out. Smoke green, cherrywood and saddle brown are also appreciated and can be worn by you.

Suits today have become much more varied as compared to the older times where only some colours were socially accepted on a suit. Today people wear all kinds of suits and experiment with almost every colour that is available out there. You can also go ahead and try on different coloured suits. The only thing to keep in mind is to look forward to the occasion you need a suit for, the colour code, the season and what colour suits the best to your particular skin tone. The right fitted suit with the perfect colour can make you the man of the hour. After all that’s what everyone wants their clothing to do, to make them stand out and be unique.

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