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The Perfect Winter Apparel For Men to Look Hot on A Cold Wintry Wedding

Winter is coming!

The year ends with never-ending and long-lasting bunch of festivals, parties and wedding functions in store for us. Winter season arrives with lots of action, fun, drama, love and laughter that ensure to hug us warmly during the coldest season of the year.

Just like women, men can also find it extremely confusing and act highly selective to select perfect attire for them. A wedding function to take place in the winter season can further minimize the style options and maximizes our silly attempt to over-stuff our body with multi-layers of clothes.

 Here is a scoop of fashion tips to avoid looking like popcorn on a wedding ceremony:

  • ADD ON LAYERS BUT IN STYLE: Winters can leave you feel really cold and the idea to expose yourself to the outside chilly weather and dance your heart out at a wedding event can make you understand the urge to unite to the notion of ‘comfort-style dressing’. In this case, it will be an amazing idea to invest in a three-piece suit. You can skillfully put on a waist coat to fight the cold weather conditions. The extra layers will kiss warmth to your body and also will pinch more style, colors and textures to your outfit.
  • PICK UP THE RIGHT STUFF TO STRUTT YOUR STUFF: To fight for pyaar tera Delhi ki sardi. It becomes really important to select the right cloth material to wear in a wedding taking place on a cold and wintry evening. You need to hand hold a heavier fabric than if you were going to a summer wedding event. It will be a great idea to opt for a suit made out of corduroy or tweed wool to feel really hot in the chilly cold weather.
  • TO DRESS IN THE WINTER SHADE: Colors play an important part to set you in the right mood for the right function. The choice of a certain color shade is meant to twin compliments to flow your personality on a certain weather condition. On cold days, people are more likely to stick to a colour palette of neutral colors like grey, brown, and maroon to leave a sincere, sober and serene touch to your overall appearance.
  • TO GET STRICTLY FORMAL FOR A GUEST WEDDING: A clean formal look mainly consists of black and grey coats, such as single breasted tailcoats. You can mix and match a waistcoat and a tie with it. A black or grey color on men is surely going to leave a classy, sassy and never trashy feel to your outward disposition.
  • TO GET EASY AND CASUAL FOR A GUEST WEDDING: To dress in a free and easy going manner is surely going to leave a warm charm to your personality. You can go for something out of the box and something that should be trendy in a friendly manner. For this a blazer would be a perfect choice. Do not forget to wear cufflinks as they are really going to make you look Oh So Stylish!! Try to match your suit with your boots to compliment the entire look.
  • TO ACT IN A CONTEMPORARY MANNER FOR A GUEST WEDDING: This is the sole look that remains irresistibly desirable among the men choice for a wedding function. Contemporary look adds a glare of elegance and at the same time it speaks about the true nature of your individual personality. You can opt for deep blue, navy blue or a black colour suit. You can select the colour of your shirt accordingly and wrap knot a tie of your choice.  

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