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India is a country where people celebrate numerous festivals and occasions. While most epitomize the traditions and beliefs of different religions, occasions like Independence Day are closely associated with the nationalistic sentiments of the masses. Honoured as a national holiday, the day is celebrated with full enthusiasm in every corner of the country. On this day, many people can be seen sporting ethnic outfits and embracing their cultural roots. A feeling that no matter how much we might evolve, but the love for the Indian culture is deeply entrenched within us.

Thus, in this blog, we have come up with ethnic outfits of different hues that reveal how vibrant our culture is. 

 Wrapped in the hues of Tri-Colour

Each colour in the Indian flag has its own significance representing a particular aspect of our culture. Thus, to showcase the nationalistic sentiments on Independence Day, many people prefer to wrap themselves in the hues of Indian Flag. Let’s look at the relevance of each of them.


When we think of saffron colour, we immediately associate it with the Hinduism. Well, it’s true that saffron colour outfits are usually worn on auspicious Hindu festivals and occasions, but it also has several other connotations. Being on top of the Indian Flag, it signifies sacrifice, bravery and the desire to selflessly serve the nation which makes it an ideal option to sport on Independence Day.

 White - Bandhgala Suit

In the middle of our flag lies the white colour. It signifies the philosophy of truth and righteousness of Mahatma Gandhi and is also associated with the Indian struggle for complete independence and swaraj. Overall, it has a psychology of wholeness and completion, making it apt to wear on Independence Day.

 Dark Green - Silk Bundi With Kurta Set

The lowermost dark green colour marks of fertility, growth, and development. It illustrates the value of land that we are dependent on and evokes our connection with Mother Nature. Wearing it on Independence Day creates a soothing, cheerful and a calming aura. 

 Sporting ethnic Indian outfits on Independence Day is a symbolism of National Integration. It is a manifestation to the concept of unity in diversity. Despite many differences, we stand together as Indians and respect our cultural roots. 

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