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Outfits to make you all ready for Holi

Holi is considered the festival of colours. Signifying the victory of good over evil, it also marks the arrival of the spring season. People celebrate it by gathering at public places and smearing each other’s face with vibrant colours, wishing that life also remains as colourful as these colours. All throughout the Holi, there remains a fierce competition where people compete to stain each other with maximum colours and that’s the reason why people prefer to wear an old shabby outfit.

While it a usual manner how most people celebrate Holi, some prefer to keep it different. On such a big occasion, there are many ongoing functions and parties, which are no less enjoyable. For the style conscious men, it is another occasion to look perfectly handsome and stand among the rest.

So, what are the different attires that can make you look special this Holi? What options do men have apart from shabby clothing? In this Blog, we will discuss every option. We will tell you what could your perfect attire for a Holi Party.

Bundi Kurta set

If you are willing to make your Holi colourful with an ethnic outfit, while at the same time look unique, a Bundi Kurta set is the best option for you. A Bundi Kurta set has always set itself apart from the other Indian Ethnic outfits. While they give you a sophisticated look, they come in the latest styles and fabrics which gives a perfect complement to the overall looks. In a nutshell, they stand out from the ordinary outfits and are meant for those men who wish to entice with sophistication.

Kurta Paijama

It is said the one can never go wrong with a Kurta Paijama. If you are the one who doesn’t want to experiment with the looks and wish to keep it simple, a Kurta Paijama is the best option for you.  Kurta Paijamas are known for their simplicity while at the same time make you look no less attractive than others. As for some, the saying goes apt that simplicity is the best form of sophistication. Thus, sometimes, your simplicity can become your style statement.

Indo-western outfit

Definitely, it’s a festive occasion and nothing can look better than an ethnic outfit. But how about blending it with a western outfit, while retaining your ethnic looks?  An Indo-Western Outfit is ideal for those who don’t wish to keep it complete ethnic, rather want to have a fusion. This look is mostly preferred by teenagers who wish to have a perfect balance between the ethnic and western looks. There are many options available in the Indo-Western outfits.

Sophistication with a western blend

A Bundi Kurta with a pant or jeans can give a western twist to your sophisticated ethnic looks. In fact, it is something which you won’t find most people wearing, thus making you look unique.  It’s an outfit that typically focuses on individuality and uniqueness. Thus, you can consider wearing it for the Holi party and look different among others.

Simplicity with a western blend

What can be better if your simplicity gets a western blend?  If you believe the same, a Kurta with Jeans is an ideal option for you. It’s something which most people sport on Holi. It’s a form of Indo-western fashion that never gets old and gives you a perfectly relaxed casual look. A look that’s simple, but doesn’t fails to grand attention. 

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