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Always remember that Man is Never over Dressed or Under Dressed with a Classy and Sassy Three piece suit

“People will stare. Make it worth their while”. - Louis Raphael

We are not going to promote battle of opposite sexes but to neutralize it and create equally interesting and exciting fashion styles for our dear men. The fashion industry comes up with a varied range of apparel collection for women to well-experiment with. Whereas, a man cannot like women rejoice to play with the notion of 16 Shringar. All the gentlemen out there do not feel hopeless as Bonsoir comes up to offer a Three-piece suit style. Trust me, this 3 way Shringar is going to be far better than 16 Shringar. It will make your inner and outer self shine without leaving a greasy and gaudy appearance.

WHY DO WE CALL IT A THREE-PIECE? It is termed as a three-piece suit as it holds three pieces- Suit, trousers and waistcoat in a complete form of single attire.

HIGHLIGHT YOUR SMART, CLASSIC AND SOPHISTICATED SIDE IN A THREE-PIECE SUIT: At Bonsoir our consistent efforts are employed to add a layer of glamour to your natural attitude and we design and redesign new styles so that your clothing sense is in sync with modern fashion needs.    

SOME BROWNY TIPS FOR HOW TO EXACTLY ACE THE THREE-PIECE SUIT GAME: Don’t panic to try a layer your suit in a three-way style.  You are definitely going to love the fashion play and win the style game. Just keep these few things in mind:

  • Leave the last button on your waistcoat undone in a carefree manner.
  • Your waistcoat should touch till your trouser belt line and not beyond it.
  • You don’t need to put a belt with a three-piece suit.


  • BLEND IN THE COOL HUES OF BLUE: Apparel can really work wonders to mark out your fashion statement. It can stuff you with good vibes for a good mood. To keep you appear the coolest guy in the crowd, Bonsoir comes up with its navy or bright blue suit collection. You can wear it at a wedding function to keep you calm to absorb all the happiness and brightness around you. You can step in your comfortable loafers and freely dance to the beats of dhol.
  • WEAR THE DAVID GANDY WHITE THREE-PIECE SUIT: Now it’s something different but then you call it creative way to experiment. If black makes you look bold and blue makes you look cool. Then white will surely highlight your calm and composed charm. If you are in doubt how to style white attire.  Just take some fashion inspiration from how David Gandy well-played with it. This light colour outfit is a perfect choice for a summer wedding. You can team it up with a light blue shirt to give a perfect summer look.
  • THE SUPERHERO IN A BLACK THREE-PIECE SUIT: Black is colour of power and dignity. Men in black colour suit can fight with all the vices around him. A black suit can help him to act in a more sophisticated and disciplined manner. The formal black theme is suitable to add a glace of confidence to attend a serious business meeting.
  • WHEN IN DOUBT GO WITH GREY: That moment when you no longer want to wear the same black suit or experiment with the snow white colour. You can take a diplomatic turn and walk the grey road with a grey three piece suit. A grey suit will make you look versatile and brush the much needed elegance. And you get a chance to combine it with a different pastel pink or light blue colour shirt. You can step in a nice pair of patent leather shoes.
  • YES, MEN CAN ALSO ACCESSORIZE: Women have a huge range of materials like neckpiece, earrings, bangles, anklets etc to accessorize their overall look. Keeping this in mind, men must speed up and win the race to ace the look. A nice bow tie for a chocolate boy, an extravagant pocket square or a good watch is a great way to add some class to the outfit.

So, what are you waiting for? Just scroll down the high-on collection at Bonsoir. And you exactly will nail the look.    

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