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Bonsoir: Know Your Fashion Etiquette

With these etiquettes you will be looking far better than you are. So, dare to take on these tasks and in a few months from now, you may just find yourself staring back in the mirror at a better man or at least a better-looking one anyway.

You might be quite surprised to notice that small habits can bring a magnificent change. So, get read to change a little to plan big.

Clean Your Closet

An organised closet is the No. 1 weapon in the war for looking half-decent on a daily basis. It helps you keep stock on what you have, know what you need and ultimately spend money more wisely. No matter the degree of disorder, this challenge should rest on one rule of thumb: if you haven't worn it in more than a year, say goodbye. It's a tough task, so hoarding types are strongly advised to invite a friend with nerves of steel.

Have bunch of White T-Shirt that fits you perfectly
If there were ever a single wardrobe staple, the white T-shirt might just be it. You can dress it up, you can dress it down and you can live in it. Most men rely on a couple of baggy ones that have seen better days. Break away from the pack and hunt for one that suits your silhouette and isn't see-through. Once you've found it, buy a dozen of them.

Select a style icon
Sure, you must have a lot of fashion maven, but your personal preference can (and probably should) hit closer to home. The only requirement is that you admire your icon not only for the clothes he wears but the way in which he wears them. Let him serve as your guide to style. And if you happen to pick up a habit or two of his, well, copying is indeed the sincerest form of flattery.

Befriend a good tailor

Fit is paramount when it comes to clothing, even if you’ve doled out some serious dough for your duds, there’s no substitute for the right cut. The problem is that very few off the rack items…. particularly suits, sport coats, dress shirts and trousers ever fit properly without some nips and tucks required. So find a local tailor who knows how to turn a shapeless sack into a bespoke masterpiece and start with a simple hem on a pair of pants or darts on a dress shirt, and then decide if they are the right man or woman for the job.

 Most people end up being attractive or unattractive not because of some random luck in the gene lottery, but as an accumulative result of various good and bad habits they picked up over the years. Fashion is a business built on stale spreadsheets and endless emailing just like any other. Fortunately, in the fraction of my life that actually includes the occasional runway show or be and be seen dinner, I’ve managed to pick up a few life lessons.

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