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Indian Men Clothing and its Heritage

Rajputs have been known for their dressing style which was partially inspired from the Mughal dynasty, which included luxury clothes that complimented their interest in art and poetry.

Since Rajputs followed a traditional lifestyle for living which showed their martial spirit, ethnicity, and chivalric grandeur, most of their costumes were inspired by their lifestyle and interest.

Today Indian Wedding wear for men is a lot inspired from Rajputs which includes Sherwani, Short jackets (Angarkha), Churidar Pajama, Salvar, and Dhoti. All of these were widely used and wore by the Rajputs which made them stand apart and show their class. To add to that, the Juti i.e., footwear is being used till date by the men and women, both of which was first used during these periods.

 India's culture in terms of its clothing can be seen more towards Rajasthan, where still a lot of people wear the traditional clothing in their daily lifestyles however in other parts of the country Sherwani is worn by the groom on his wedding day whereas traditional and modern men suits are worn by the attendants.

We all know that how Indian weddings are moving towards the royal culture where people spend lavishly in destination wedding that takes place in some parts of Rajasthan that show how Indian culture is moving back to what our kings used to do during their special events, occasions, and parties. So the trend towards the wedding, clothing, and tradition are still a lot same as 7th or 8th century when Rajputs ruled India. 

Rajputs used special tailors and craftsmen who used to work together to stitch their traditional and occasional wear and today you can find some brands that have ensured to keep that culture alive through their exclusive collection for Indian Wedding and occasional wear for men.

Men have been known for their great leadership and success during various dynasties so their clothing should be of great importance to show their skills, achievements and social status. Today, it has been carried forward by various famous personalities who set the trend and make everyone else follow it. For instance, Ranvir Singh has bought the moustache and beard trend back to India to give men a more masculine look.

To sum up, India is known for its tradition and no matter how modern we grow the clothing and culture of our ancestors would be taken forward till ages.

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