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How to Feel Confident in Whatever You Wear

When it’s about fashion, you can simply call me an illiterate. Without a shred of doubt, fashion and I have always been the opposite. Getting ready for a party or a function was like a nightmare for me. It would take hours to decide on which outfit to wear. While going out for shopping clothes was altogether a different story. The moment I used to wear an outfit, I would assume many things, like what if I look awkward in it. Would if people start staring at me. Many other things which obviously were irrelevant.

But the day when I realised that it isn’t the outfit that matters, what matters is who is inside it, my life changed drastically. No matter what outfit you might be wrapped in, whether a suit or a Kurta, Sherwani or Achkan, but if you are not confident with it, it won’t make you look any special. Whereas, carrying any of these with confidence, makes it appear intrinsically part of your body. In simple words, the most important fashion accessory is confidence. Confidence to feel that you look no less handsome than other men.

Thus, in this blog, we will tell you how to develop confidence in your fashion.

 Overcome the perceived flaws in your appearance

The biggest problem is that we tend to assume many things, which in reality are not true. We unnecessarily try to figure out what others might be thinking. This makes many irrelevant thoughts emerge in mind and eventually results in lowering our overall confidence. We even start thinking to the extent that we are not dressed well enough to attend a certain gathering or function.

The best way to overcome it is to dress for yourself not for others. Dress the way you like, not how others like. If you follow this tip there is no such thing that will bother you. In simple words, don’t give undue importance to your surroundings. Be yourself.

 Don’t be conscious about your body

Whether you might be fat or lean, learn to adore your body. Accept the fact that not everyone can be Salman Khan or Hrithik Roshan. So, stop comparing yourself with them. Instead, make yourself feel that you are completely confident with your body shape. If you do this then dressing confidently becomes much easier. Apart from that also focus on making your body language perfect. In other words, don’t let your body shape be the hindrance to having confidence in your style.

 Don’t give a damn to people who criticize you

There are some people who might try to criticize you on your looks, which brings down your entire confidence within a second. While in some cases the criticism might be positive, but most do it merely out of envy. Thus, it is always better to ignore such people. Remember, the only thing that bothers them is your confidence, thus they resort to such things. Interestingly, developing a good friend circle, that makes you realize your positive attributes, can also help increase your self-esteem, which again will help you develop confidence in your fashion.

 Look in the mirror

Look in the mirror and say, “hey handsome, how are you?”  Recollect all the positive attributes about yourself. Look at the body parts that you find are most beautiful in your body. Repeat this exercise daily, until you feel that your confidence has reached a saturation level that it cannot be shaken easily.

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