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Formal Suits for Men: Five Rules to Look Good!

Formal suits and tuxedos can be considered as the most popular men's formal attire. Formal suits can bring out confidence in a person. Interestingly, they help in creating a positive and strong impression of the person in the minds of their customers and colleagues as well. However, it is important that a man should pay attention to the way he looks in a formal suit because the way he looks will establish his position as well as his company's position in the minds of his customers. A man should, therefore, have the basic understanding when choosing a formal suit and wearing one.

Usually, a man is judged by the clothes he wears and at the same time, one can create an impression by the clothes he wears. We, at Bonsoir, understand the significance of a formal wear and how it can help you create a good impression. We also understand that factors like comfort, style, and material play an important role too. It is of utmost importance that you should be comfortable in a formal suit first.

There are some basic rules of wearing a formal suit and this article will discuss those basic rules. Read on, to find out more about it.

Five Rules of Wearing a Formal Suit

Rule 1

A man should wear clothes that are in conservative and neutral color such as gray, brown, and navy blue and should avoid going for clothing that is odd-colored. However, one can put extra color dimensions to his outfit by putting on one suit with the pinstripes. Interestingly, a good and thin pattern of pinstripe that comes in relatively bolder pattern sometimes can help in adding more class and charm to a class and dull colored formal suit.

Rule 2

A man should choose an appropriate shirt and tie. The combination of shirt and tie will certainly affect his look. If one is going with a neutral colored suit, then he can wear a shirt of any color with it. However, he should make sure that the hues have a similar tone. For instance, if you are wearing a vibrant green shirt, you should not match the shirt with one dark colored suit. Instead, you can consider something in soft pink or powder blue color.

Rule 3

You should avoid wearing sports coat and pants of the same color. For instance, if you choose to wear traditional or normal black pants with a black classic sports coat, then you will realize that the colors won't match very well. Technically, the colors are same and one might think that they go with each other fine. But as a matter of fact, they don't go well with each other well.

Rule 4

One should never wear tuxedos, suits, or any clothing that doesn't fit properly. If you find out that any of your formal suits don't fit well, you should consider taking that suit to a tailor; it is cheaper than purchasing a new suit. You should also avoid wearing tie and pants that are either too long or too short.

Rule 5

One should not wear a bow tie or a shoestring cowboy tie if it doesn't go with the outfit. Usually, bow ties are worn with tuxedos but if it looks ridiculous, then one should not wear it.

You can keep in mind these five helpful tips that are mentioned above while dressing up in a Men formal suits. You will now be able to understand as well as avoid committing the common mistakes that are usually done when wearing formal suits. These tips will help you in looking good in formal suits when attending your customers or formal events.

We, at Bonsoir, understand our customers’ needs and offer them the best solutions. We have collections of formal suits that will match your needs.

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