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Feel Like a Royal Man in a Royal Blue Suit

I've said it before and I'll say it again: The best way to stand out is by wearing a suit that fits you perfectly. It's more impactful, and sometimes cheaper, to focus on getting your suit tailored rather than buying new accessories.- Millie, Stylist, The Thread

HISTORY BEHIND THE STITCHING OF A ROYAL BLUE SUIT: The ideological base remains the root behind the development and modification of an established physical entity. History or past experience acts as a base to learn and polish our present and pass it onto the future generation. How, when and from where did the idea of making a royal blue suit actually came into being? It came when the basic idea to cut and sew the cloth and make some cloth-covering out of it appeared in between 12th to 14th century. That was the first time when people started using the term ‘Tailor’. Earlier clothes used to just hang just like a mere cover to the naked body. Later with the deep expertise to stitch well made it easy to style and contour according to the body type.

 LOUIS XIV: It was Louis XIV who enthusiastically encouraged and pushed forward to adopt the trend of coats, vests, and breeches. The modern-modification of this style code is the royal blue suit which is worn today in a royal fashion.


The choices we make in our life reflect the kind of person we are. In the same manner the kind of suit we choose to wear must have the capability to present out loud our original self in front of the public. Bonsoir understands that every person’s shape is unique and deserves to decorate it with the perfect apparel. It offers a wide range of suits for men to pick from. Bonsoir proudly guarantees the excellence of its cloth material and has been designed by some of the most famous professional belonging to fashion industry.

The style craze being established with the Bonsoir’s bold blue suit is going to shape and define a fine masculine glace to a man’s personality. A Bonsoir’s royal blue suit includes the SES Formula- Simplicity, Elegance and Sophistication that are the necessary traits of a gentleman. It is less time-consuming.


  • 3 PIECE ROYAL BLUE SUITS:  A three piece royal blue suit is a perfect mix and match of a royal blue coat, smart pair of sleek pants and a vest. You can opt for a pale blue shirt to match the royal blue colour of your blazer. It can help you appear just rightly-dressed than being over-dressed.
  • WOOLEN ROYAL BLUE SUITS: When compared to different cloth material like silk, rayon, the woolen fabric is chosen to be most suitable because it is considered to be highly durable. This makes it perfectly a strong cloth to make coats, jackets, shirts and overcoats.
  • SINGLE-BREASTED ROYAL BLUE SUIT: It comes along with one, two, three or more button styles. A royal blue suit helps you to skillfully play around the idea of recreation using a single-creation. A royal blue suit doesn’t make you appear boring as it is available in more styles, different shades of blue, designs and smart-style cuts. Bonsoir’s suits are crafted with high-quality fabrics which are used to stitch an extra layer of confidence by making a man feel cool and calm all over the day.
  • DOUBLE-BREASTED ROYAL BLUE SUIT: A double-breasted royal blue suit gives a formal edge to make you appear sincere and serious for a formal business meeting. It comes with four to six buttons. Bonsoir offers a wide range of business suits collection for both casual and special occasions. Bonsoir suits have been produced by high-class professionals belonging to the commercial world.

To fulfill the fashionable desires of its customers, Bonsoir comes with fashionable options of men’s apparel to choose from. Most of the men may also choose to wear this to an informal wedding or party based social event.     

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