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Detailed analysis of dressing tips: Be good from inside but better from outside

Do you want to look your best once and for all? Someone has rightly said – Style Maketh Man.  Bonsoir presents you a simplified guide of the art of dressing well so that you can finally look your best self.

You won’t find a men’s style guide that’s easier to digest and apply, than this one. It will show you the proper fit from head to toe.

SHOULDERS: the seam should be at the very top of your shoulder, never extending further, as it creates an indent on the arm.

SHIRT: the amount of visible shirt collar at the back of the neck should match the ½ inch of visible sleeve cuff. The collar should be tight enough that two fingers cannot fit between your neck and the shirt.

JACKET: A jacket should hug your body, curving in at the sides. The length should cover your seat and not extend past your knuckles.

TIE: The tip of the tie should generally fall to the centre of the belt buckle. Your tie should complement- not compete with – your shirt.  A good rule of thumb is that the main color of the tie should contrast with your shirt, while a secondary color in the tie should match it. 

PANTS: Pants should be slim from the waist to the top of your shoes, with a slight break or no break.

SLEEVES: shirt sleeves should stop at the base of the thumb, with the jacket sleeve ½ inch shorter.

Find that trim-but-not-too-tight happy medium that's right for your body. That means pants shouldn't be baggy, tucked-in dress shirts shouldn't be voluminous, and T-shirts shouldn't look like you're wearing a tent. Likewise, skin-tight clothes aren't the way to go either. While you do all this don’t forget to put on your personality into what you wear. Whether it's a quirky tie or a piece of jewellery, make one part of your outfit something about you.

Small but effective wardrobe

A wardrobe that offers massive variety even if you’re on a tight budget

The art of selecting the perfect attire

Select clothes that makes you look sharp and which doesn’t focus on your tall, short, big, or skinny looks

Permutation and combination

Getting the best attire isn’t enough. What you need is the best combination. Knowing how to combine attire even if you’re clueless about colour- matching.

The doubt of Pleats

Pleats are ok if they are small. Small pleats on dress pants can give you added flexibility without compromising your look. But if the pleats are too big, your pants will balloon around your waist and make you look shorter.

Keep all these points in your mind and you are all set to go. Just don’t be afraid to be caught looking nice.  A well-dressed man can exude confidence, self-awareness, and maturity without ever saying a word. You want to look like a man and not a boy? Dress like one.

Don’t forget the most important point. Your comfortability is your style. Never wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Trust in your own taste and be confident — then the style is all yours! Remember, style is just the icing on the cake, so let it reflect your personality and quirks. So be comfortable, and be you!

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