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Cocktail suits for men for enhancing your appeal during those special occasions

Cocktail dress have earned a high reputation in the Thirties and twenties in the past. During those days at several ostentatious occasions, men need to change kits in order to dress in a suitable manner. Hence, a new dress code is formed. It is considered to be a semi-formal look that is known to form the bridge between casual day wear and formal evening attire. Whereas the formal evening attires are proper and prim, the casual day wear is really relaxing. In these days, people choose these dresses to make themselves look out of the ordinary during formal birthday celebrations, anniversaries, weddings and other sporting events like races.

Dos and dont's while wearing cocktail dresses

It is a prerequisite to gain information about the dos and donts in order to have an appealing look after wearing these dresses.

It is recommended to try something tailored. You can choose trousers/blazer combo and suit. You can try adding personal touches but they need to be considered in a careful manner. You certainly do not want to be the odd man out at your friend's wedding. If you are planning to attend any occasion such as birthday parties in which someone else should be in limelight, try leaving flashy accessories and bright colors.

Key cocktail attires

One of the prominent reasons why Cocktail Attire For Men have gained high popularity in these days is due to the fact that though it is a relatively formal dress code, you still have room for personal interpretation and creativity.


 Tailoring indicates the suit which includes notch lapel number or peak, two-piece, with a slim fit. Black is considered to be a suitable color. Light grey is known to be fresh for the summer weddings whereas dark grey is worth mentioning if you want to go for the perfect winter look. If there is no strict dress code, you can try colors such as khaki, olive green, and burgundy. Make sure to keep the patterns to the minimal. It is recommended to try texture prints which can be achieved from the suit fabric. You should be mixing and matching the trousers and jackets at the leisure.


While picking the shirts for the cocktail dresses, you should match the shirt in the harmonious tune with the blazer or suit. You can opt for block colors in the neutral tone such as grey, white or blue if you are going to wear striped or checked jacket. Plain black short is considered to be a chick style. Say no to white or tie in order to procure a summer daytime feel. Make sure to avoid limp shirt collar types, floppy. Try something made of cotton, crafted from the formal fabric weave. It should confer a crisp look and feel and pressed on the cuffs and collar sharply.

Pocket squares and ties

 At times, you like to ditch the die during the less formal cocktail events. However, during other occasions, it is a requirement. This is certainly the best opportunities for being more creative. If you choose a simple suit and shirt, you can opt for a bolder tie. If your suit or shirt comes with a pattern, it is recommended to select a simple tie in the complementary color. Avoid those bow ties but go for the pocket squares. The square should be made of silk and the color should be neutral if you have a patterned or vivacious color.

You can wear monk strap shoes with these cocktail dresses in order to stand second to none in the crowd. These dresses represent your style quotient and you become the talk of the town during special occasions. 

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