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Best Shades to Wear in Nehru Jacket

There is no doubt that Ethnic Indian outfits are among the most finely crafted outfits in the world. From the big textile industries to the hand woven apparels, Indian outfits never fail to look magnificent on different occasions.Read More
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The best colour you do is - Indo Western

There is a common stereotype that women have an edge over men when it comes to fashion. The magnificent outfits with vibrant colors and embroidered details are kept synonymous to women’s wardrobe.Read More
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How to Feel Confident in Whatever You Wear

When it’s about fashion, you can simply call me an illiterate. Without a shred of doubt, fashion and I have always been the opposite. Getting ready for a party or a function was like a nightmare for me. It would take hours to decide on which outfit to wear.Read More
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According to Stephen Greenblatt the term- ‘Self-fashioning’ means that an individual does not automatically becomes a subject. On one hand ideology shapes him or her as a subject, on the other, the individual gets shaped into subjectivity with what Foucault calls ‘technologies of the self’Read More
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Achkan, living historic journey

Long ago when there were no shoulder pads or structure in the way people dressed the outfit of choice in the Asian region was the Angarkha. Different versions for different states and different regions. A complex version of a Kurta, the Angarkha was the matriarch of the wardrobe.Read More
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Different wedding traditions in India

India is recognized to be the land of traditions and culture. It goes without saying that the weddings in India feature a plethora of traditions and customs which are followed religiously even in the present days. The Wedding traditions in India are recognized to be the impressive manifestation of a rich culture and heritage of the country/ The country has earned a high reputation for the unity in diversity.Read More
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Achkan Style Sherwani

Achkan style sherwani is recognized to be a symbol of rich traditional fashion along with style and royal elegance. Sherwanis are recognized to be knee length, long, coat like a tunic. At times they are doubled with different tight-fitting collar and fastened with the hooks. These dresses come with the close fitting in the upper body along with the bit flaring in the lower half option. They are comprised of wool or silk with lining or heavier suiting fabrics. They are worn over the kurta and are accompanied by the pajama, churidar or dhoti.Read More
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