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How to wear a Bundi to Procure an Appealing Look

The ethnic wear contributes to being the best ever ceremonial dress. They are recognized to be amazing outfits which can be worn on the occasion of the festivals, wedding ceremonies, and various auspicious occasions. In case you are looking for a perfect ethnic wear for men, that makes you look out of the ordinary, you can choose Bundi with kurta set. These outfits have gained high popularity in enhancing the charm. These dresses add to the personality of a man. They reflect royalty, sophistication, and class. Men love wearing such dresses as they make them look out of the ordinary in the crowd. Men procure the most appealing look as they get dressed in these attires.

Bundis went out of the fashion long before and till a few days back were worn by old people and politicians. However, with modernization, Indian is changing and in addition to this, the cultural identity is taking a sidewalk. Bundis, also known as Nehru jacket or sleeveless jackets are considered to be the new hype of the town. Most men have the wrong notion that these dresses don't really get well with other dresses other than kurtas and dhotis but it is not true. If worn in the right way and if you can match it with the right clothes, bundis can make your appealing presence more vibrant than ever.

Here are some ways in which bundi can enhance your look

 The Indo-western formal look

 You can put together a nice pair of pants, a bundi, and a dress shirt. You can procure the look at formal functions, work. You can also choose to wear these dresses to religious places. Try this dress for the formal dinner party and you will be in limelight. In order to procure a more appealing look, you can wear the pocket square with the ensemble.

 The semi-casual look

 In these days, men have become more fashion conscious than ever. They are constantly looking for a change. Thus, they prefer wearing the bundi with the chinos. You also choose to wear them with jeans and shirt as it confers an easy going and nice statement. You can go for folding the sleeves or keeping the buttons open, in accordance with your choice. You can style in your own and noticeable way with these dresses.

Casual look

 If you are among those men who love pushing the envelope and playing with clothes, you can experiment with the bundis. Men who are ready to opt for some really daring looks can choose to wear these bundis in a unique style. Daring men look forward to appealing women. Men will not let go off any chance of getting noticed by a woman. Wearing the bundi with the t-shirt on the shorts and loafers confer an amazing look. Apart from being casual, they are very stylish. In case you are a person who loves working out and wants to show a bit of the skin, you can opt for a top-notch style by wearing the bundi.

Bundi with kurta set

Bundi with kurta set is one of the most common styles that have gained high popularity in these days. They confer an out of the ordinary look to men and make them look stand ahead in the crowd. They confer a boost to their confidence owing to which men prefer wearing this dress on different occasions. Whether you want to dress for formal occasions or you are looking for a dress to add to your elegance on the casual occasion, you can choose to wear these dresses.

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