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Best Shades to Wear in Nehru Jacket

There is no doubt that Ethnic Indian outfits are among the most finely crafted outfits in the world. From the big textile industries to the handwoven apparels, Indian outfits never fail to look magnificent on different occasions.

Interestingly, as time passed, these Ethnic outfits went through several transitions. Most importantly, they embraced styles from the western fashion world. Among many outfits, one such is the Nehru Jacket. A Nehru jacket, also known as Bundi is an ethnic Indian outfit that emerged as a fusion of typical western tailored coat and Indian sherwani and achkan.

As it is said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This line goes apt for this jacket. Generally speaking, a Nehru Jacket comes is simple and sober designs which gives a sophisticated elegance to the over-all personality of men. While keeping the embroidery and patterns minimal, this jacket can be played in different colours.


1. Pink Colour in Giza Cotton

Usually, people think that pink is a colour that signifies femininity. Well, this isn’t true. Pink is generally a colour that has a calming effect. This colour creates an aura of love, compassion, and joy around men and is believed to catch women’s attention. Moreover, it appears that women have always loved this colour.


2. Blue Colour in Blended Fabric

a blue Nehru jacket can be a unique option to make you stand among the rest.

Undoubtedly, after black, blue is the second colour which is preferred by most men. Generally, this colour is associated with masculinity. It also gives a sense of peace, quite similar to a tranquil blue sea. While most men prefer to wear a suit for the cocktail parties, a blue Nehru jacket can be a unique option to make you stand among the rest. 

3. Brown Colour in Blended Fabric

The brown colour is also known as Khakhi colour is a colour that immediately evokes a feeling of down-to-earth and simplicity. Since this colour is related to earth, it also gives a sense of strength which goes pretty well with men’s personality on most occasions.         

4. Yellow Colour in Giza Cotton

Among all the colours, yellow is considered one of the brightest colours. As this colour is synonymous to the sun rays, it indicates optimism and prosperity. Being wrapped in this colour, immediately fills the person with intense energy and enthusiasm. A yellow colour Nehru Jacket is ideal for the afternoon party and functions.   

5. Maroon colour in Giza Cotton

Just like Golden, Maroon is also a colour that adds royalty to the over-all looks. It indicates class and wealth. Maroor colour Nehru jacket is ideal for regal weddings and functions.

So what are you waiting for? Embellish your wardrobe with these array of colourful Nehru Jackets available online. understand the psychology of colours and wear them on different occasions.

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