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Waistcoat fits to enhance your style quotient during occasions

Waistcoast has become an integral part of the wardrobe of men. However, most of them prefer wearing them only during weddings. This guide will be helpful in making these dresses as the wardrobe staple so that you look second to none during each and every occasion.


Waistcoats are considered to be the practical addition to the outfit. They confer the most stylish look to you. During the chilled winter days, they bestow an additional layer of warmth, thereby keeping you comfortable. During summer seasons, they help you in stripping off the jacket, rolling the sleeves and have a handsome look. If you have just put your steps in the world of waistcoats, you certainly want to go for something simple. You can opt for something plain to go with your usual suit jacket. Now that you have bee used to wearing these coats in a traditional manner, you can go for patterns, colors, shirts, and fabrics of different types for keeping the current look and ensuring that your dresses are occasion appropriate. The style of the waistcoat is dependent on how you are going to wear it. They are known to be the most versatile option if you come with the most decent collection of various styles.


If you are willing to wear the waistcoats on a daily basis, you require steel clearing the features which are associated with formality. This is inclusive of matching colors, shiny fabrics. In lieu of that, you should choose corduroy or tweed for adding texture to the look and ensuring that things do not look too sleek. The single-breasted waistcoats are considered to be a great option for the waistcoat casual look as they do not come with lapels. Speaking of styling, you do not need to worry about matching the colors or fabrics. You can try wearing jackets for keeping things casual. You do not require paying attention to the waistcoat etiquette during casual situations.


 For work, parties, and dinners, you need to dress up a bit. You need to put on something which is more formal. You can choose single-breasted styles. But stick to clothes in a slick fabric. Regarding colors, you can try traditional with grey or navy. You can also choose wine red or olive green if you are willing to stand out. If you are not sure of the dress code, it is better to play safe and match the jacket and trousers to the waistcoat. If there is room for a bit of fun, pair a patterned or bright waistcoat under the usual suit trousers and jackets. The classic collared shirt is considered to be the best option, whereas the ties are really optional.


For weddings, Sundays and formal dinners, if you want to wear waistcoats, you need to follow some specific rules. For that level of formality, you should say no to jacket. A three-piece suit is certainly the best option to go. You can go for swapping the matching waistcoat for something in pale yellow or soft lilac.

You are going to look stunning while wearing waistcoats if you wear black tie.  Stripes and checks are recognized to be the most popular choices while wearing waistcoats. The type of dress you are willing to wear is dependent on the personal preference. You can try wearing them as the accessories to the plain shirt and match the same to the remaining part of the suit.

Pinstripes are really easy as you pair them with the white shirt. They are certainly the best dresses for different formal occasions. It is needless to say that the checks can be hard to style. However, smaller checks are known to be discreet and you can try them under the neutral blazer in order to procure a smart look. You can wear bigger checks in a casual manner over the rolled-up shirt sleeves or roll-neck jumper and without any jacket.

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