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Style your Nehru Jacket in Different Ways

India is a country with diverse ethnic outfits. We have a variety of attires for different occasions with each having its unique aesthetic appeal. Whether it might be a wedding or a birthday party, a festival or a family function, the Indian outfits never fail to make their dazzling appearance. These outfits come in different styles, alluring designs, and vibrant colours. No wonder, they have travelled a long distance until finally establishing themselves as a part of Indian fashion. They are the manifestation of the diverse Indian culture. Thus, when going out on any party or a function, many people prefer wearing these outfits for a complete ravishing look.

Among the array of Ethnic Indian outfits, one such is the Nehru Jacket. A Nehru Jacket typically resembles the Achkan and Sherwani. As a hip-length Jacket, it is considered to be the western form of Achkan. The Jacket traces its origin in the 1990s when royal families in India wore it as a status symbol. Since then, the jacket has gone through several transitions, not letting it confined to a particular class. Today, this jacket has become an essential part of Indian weddings and functions. 

In this blog, we will give you a complete style guide to purchasing and wearing a Nehru Jacket. We will tell you how a Nehru Jacket can be worn in combination with the different outfits. A combination that goes well with your looks and over-all personality and makes you stand among the rest.  As it is rightly said that it is much more to create your own looks.

Casual Look

If looking for a casual look, wear a Nehru Jacket with a pair of shirt and blue jeans. When wearing dark blue jeans, wear it with a dark color shirt and a light color Nehru jacket, and with light blue jeans, wear it with a light color shirt and dark color Nehru jacket. This simple, yet stylish outfit can give a completely different appearance. As a perfect blend of both sophisticated and casual looks, it is suitable for informal parties and functions.

Formal Look

Nothing makes a man look sexier than a formal outfit. It gives a perfect gentleman’s look that entices most women. A Nehru jacket can be used to get an Ethnic-Indian formal look. A look that is different from the usual formal outfit. Wear a Nehru Jacket on your usual formals. Selecting the color of the Jacket would be completely subjective depending on the color of the shirt-pant. This unique Indian version of the formal outfit is suitable for office meetings and other formal parties.

Ethnic Look

Kurta Pajama with Nehru jacket

It is said that the fashion of Kurta Pajama never gets old and this fashion coupled with a Nehru jacket can give you come out an elegant attire. It’s for those who want an ethnic look along with a touch of elegance. If you are one of those, try a Nehru jacket over Kurta Pajama. While picking on the color it is advisable to have a light color jacket over the dark color Kurta Pajama.


Dhoti Kurta with Nehru Jacket

Many people prefer to wear Dhoti Kurta at weddings and festivals. It’s an outfit that immediately connects one to its roots. Dhoti Kurta is not just confined to south India, rather it’s a traditional attire in many parts of India. Like any other outfit, they come in different fabrics, designs and colours.

A Nehru Jacket over this traditional outfit can give it a contemporary touch. While some people find Dhoti highly comfortable, this outfit will be a perfect combination of style and comfort.  

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