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Cocktail suits for men for enhancing your appeal during those special occasions

Cocktail dress have earned a high reputation in the Thirties and twenties in the past. During those days at several ostentatious occasions, men need to change kits in order to dress in a suitable manner. Hence, a new dress code is formed.Read More
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Party wear black suits for different occasions

Black suits contribute to being an integral part of a wedding in these days. They offer a classic style statement to men and make them look out of the ordinary in the crowd. These well-tailored and bold suits are considered to be sure-fire ways for procuring a chic look among the wide assortment of beige, light grey and navy suits, available in the market. Slim and black suits have become an indispensable part of the wardrobe of a man. A bunch of men prefers these suits in order to procure an appealing look!Read More
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Best Ethnic Wears for your Wedding Day

A fascinating wedding along with varied feasts, lavish decorations is a dream for every man. Clothes contribute to being a crucial part of such ceremonies. Long gone are the days when only women used to look good on every occasion.Read More
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This Holi, Classic Bundi kurta set for men, best looks for the Holi festival

The classic Bundi kurta set for men are considered to be one of the well renowned ethnic wear in the present days. These amazing attires are suitable for wear on wedding ceremonies, festivals and other auspicious occasions.Read More
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3 Luxurious Suit Colors every professional Men Must Own

Designer suits play an indispensable role in leaving a profound impression on others. You are sure to feel amazing while wearing the elegant suits. It confers a boost to your confidence and offers you an amazing feeling.Read More
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3 Indian men ethnic-wear outfits you can try this Republic Day

Republic day is considered to be one of the most crucial occasions when the flag is hoisted across the country and the marching brands are out for inducing the euphoric patriotic feeling. Indians look for chances to reveal their fashionista side. This historical event is celebrated throughout the country with glamour, glitz, cultural diversity and showcase the best of ethnicity. It is recommended to choose ethnic wear outfits for this Republic day.Read More
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Choosing the right wine color suits for men

It is a great feeling to wear an elegant suit along with the nice fitting. A designer suit is considered to be an ideal outfit which turns a few heads around as you walk into a room. It also plays an indispensable role in boosting your confidence and offers you an amazing feeling while the eyes of nearby people scan your appearance in an attentive way.Read More
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Achkan Style Sherwani

Achkan style sherwani is recognized to be a symbol of rich traditional fashion along with style and royal elegance. Sherwanis are recognized to be knee length, long, coat like a tunic. At times they are doubled with different tight-fitting collar and fastened with the hooks. These dresses come with the close fitting in the upper body along with the bit flaring in the lower half option. They are comprised of wool or silk with lining or heavier suiting fabrics. They are worn over the kurta and are accompanied by the pajama, churidar or dhoti.Read More
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Tips to choose the perfect dress for the New Year Eve

If you are going to attend a party on the New Year eve, you need to choose the right dress for the evening. It is essential o dress in an eye-catching manner with an eye to standing out of the ordinary in the crowd. Most parties are known to be a bit wild and festive and your style should reflect that. With an eye to leaving a long-lasting impression on guests and hosts, you need to choose a glitzy and daring outfit along with the right accessories and makeup. You should give a finish to your looks by highlighting the best features of the face with the dramatic makeup.Read More
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How to wear a Bundi to Procure an Appealing Look

The ethnic wear contributes to being the best ever ceremonial dress. They are recognized to be amazing outfits which can be worn on the occasion of the festivals, wedding ceremonies, and various auspicious occasionsRead More
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