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5 Men Fashion Trends You Must Know

2019 is finally here and so are all the good things that a new year brings to us. Talking about the good things in life, we can surely agree that new fashion trends and new styles to set, in the upcoming year are definitely one of those. A lot of people out there think that there are not enough styles for men than there are for women. This article is to prove them all wrong and show them that their wardrobes can also be filled with the right kind of clothes that will be worth every penny. So without any further ado here are the top men fashion trends of 2019 that every man should have in his wardrobe. After all as Mark Jacobs rightfully said ‘Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them’.

Mismatched Prints

Mixing and matching your outfit is a thing now. You can play around with anything you have in your wardrobe and mix it with whatever you like and there you go, you have got a new mismatched look. You also don’t have to worry if you lost a sock and your pair is incomplete. Mixing up socks of different colours is also in trend and there you go, you will never be worried about a lost sock and also be trendy with those mismatched prints you have on.

Light Wash Denim

The most essential item in the men’s wardrobe is surely a plain white tee and a denim. The love men have for denim just never fades away and this year too denim is just going to keep you on top of your fashion game. But unlike the past year, this year men have chosen to let go of the classic dark shaded denims and are in love with the light wash denims. You might have already seen actors rocking the light wash denim look. Choose a nice ripped light denim and rock it with a plain white tee. This look never gets old.

Floral Prints

It’s time for men’s fashion to bloom this season and floral prints are the right way to do it. With floral shirts and tees being the trend for 2019 you can wear the bold colourful outfits to shimmer in the sun and stand out in the boring crowd. From short sleeve shirts to bomber jackets and even footwear. Go floral and kill it with your looks.

Graphic Prints

From band prints to clever one liners and quirky phrases you can get yourself cool tees and hoodies that show your casual side in a whimsical way. Graphic tees and hoodies are in the trend and you can also get yourself the right graphic outfit that makes your daily wear fun. A lot of different designs are available to shop from so that each one of you gets their own unique style. Pair the graphic tee or hoodie with a denim and you are good to go.

Sling Bags

The style of your clothing boosts up if you pair it with the right kind of sling bag. This season sling bags are one of the most searched accessories on Pinterest so we can’t deny that they are already in trend. The good thing about a cool sling bag is that it goes with almost everything casual you wear. Complete your total outlook with a sling bag and enjoy the practicality as well as the amazing look it brings. Leather and denim sling bags are the most sought after bags and surely every man needs a sling bag to be at the top of his fashion game.

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