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The Suit Colour Guide

The first thing a person is going to notice about your suit is going to be the colour of the suit. Everything else comes in later. So colour becomes an important aspect while choosing a suit. Every man out there already owns a black or grey suit that is sitting in your wardrobe just in case an event comes by and you are totally unprepared.Read More
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Outfits to make you all ready for Holi

Holi is considered the festival of colours. Signifying the victory of good over evil, it also marks the arrival of the spring season. People celebrate it by gathering at public places and smearing each other’s face with vibrant colours, wishing that life also remains as colourful as these colours.Read More
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Expose, Express and Explore with Bonsoir’s Latest Apparel Collection For Men

“Trendy is the last stage before tacky”- Karl Lagerfeld It is true that men are born as unfinished animals, and it is the backstage support of cultural and social values that leave a major impact upon the adoption of basic style, fashion and manners. An individual begins his or her life journey from imaginary stage to attain symbolic stageRead More
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Knock Knock Open the Door and Get Style Arrested at Bonsoir

Bonsoir clothing family feels sad that we didn’t cloth cover our first creatures. But, Hey! We are here to cloth and style you. At, Bonsoir we understand that every human being is unique, have desires, want good clothes to wear and have many wedding or reception events to attend in his life. We make sure that when out at a wedding or a reception party, people are not only enjoying good music, eating delicious meals and only checking hot chicks out there.Read More
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Always remember that Man is Never over Dressed or Under Dressed with a Classy and Sassy Three piece suit

We are not going to promote battle of opposite sexes but to neutralize it and create equally interesting and exciting fashion styles for our dear men. The fashion industry comes up with a varied range of apparel collection for women to well-experiment with. Whereas, a man cannot like women rejoice to play with the notion of 16 Shringar.Read More
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Love to Live and laugh in Bonsoir red wine colour suits for men

Bonsoir comes up with its wide range of red wine colour suits for men. Trust me, when you clad yourself in red wine colour, it will surely make you feel and absorb the festive vibe around you.Read More
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Celebrate the New Year by celebrating yourself and gifting some good clothes to push and pull out that extra layer of glamour, style and confidence in your disposition. So, hurry up and shop for the New Year festival and hit the pub pehen ke party shoes and let your body loose itself in swag.Read More
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Feel Like a Royal Man in a Royal Blue Suit

I've said it before and I'll say it again: The best way to stand out is by wearing a suit that fits you perfectly. It's more impactful, and smetimes cheaper, to focus on getting your suit tailored rather than buying new accessories.- Millie, Stylist, The ThreadRead More
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Things to Check Out Before You Set Out to Woo in Royal Blue

Self-presentation enables one to socialize in our physical environment in a more healthy and amicable manner. The idea of self involves the use of impression and expression that a person carries in their disposition. Bonsoir presents a plateful of exciting range of suits for men to mouth stuff from.Read More
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The Perfect Winter Apparel For Men to Look Hot on A Cold Wintry Wedding

Winter is coming! The year ends with never-ending and long-lasting bunch of festivals, parties and wedding functions in store for us. Winter season arrives with lots of action, fun, drama, love and laughter that ensure to hug us warmly during the coldest season of the year.Read More
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