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Story behind a Good Evening

When fabrics are beyond words, when textures are beyond imaginations and
when quality is beyond expectations – you know its Bonsoir.

What instigated us to come up with the idea to reinvent the sophisticated and elegant side of men's clothing, is the urge that drives us in order to ensure that our clothing line is crafted in such a way that the wearer not only feels comfortable but also, looks suave no matter what.

Chosen prudently and with a great deal of care, each and every fabric used in the clothing line of Bonsoir radiates the glow of excellence and of superior quality. Keeping in mind the dressing sense of the modern man, whereas adhering to ethnic values of a rich cultural heritage, each and every product of Bonsoir stands out on its own.

Eve ‘n’ You

The evening is the time when the modern man can be seen in all his glory. Bonsoir - a French term that literally means ‘Good Evening’ - connotes the idea of a perfect evening fancied by most of us. At Bonsoir, it has always been our endeavour to make a man look his best – that he is always the shining light of any soirée, that he is the one turning all the heads in the party.

Who we are?

  • Mission

      What is the basic motive of fashion wears? To make the wearer look fashionably perfect, right? Well, such is our thinking. The better you look the better you feel about yourself and at Bonsoir, we’re all about making you feel perfect about yourself.

      Every person has an attitude of his own. We just redesign your outlook with the finest of ethnic and Indo-Western dressing such that you and your attitude standout in the crowd.

  • Vision

      We strive and meet the exact expectations of our range of valuable clientele by creating a niche of our own and in turn giving out the best of products under the sun and that too in an affordable range. It has always been our vision to exclusively cater to classes who have a particular sharp taste when it comes to premium ethnic clothing by bringing together the best of designing, material, and colours to fashion.


      Bonsoir is a name that radiates pure ecstasy when it comes to fashionable outlook. Not just the look of our exclusive products, it is a perfect amalgamation of quality, fashion, reasonable pricing, and a style statement that makes anyone standout in the crowd. The philosophy behind the brand is to make everyone look and feel good in a Bonsoir attire.

The Bonsoir man is always dressed to stand out in the most stylishly turned out gathering. And while the accent is on semi-formal eveningwear he’s guaranteed center stage in any gathering. Weddings. Pre and post wedding ceremonies. Power meets. Celebrations. Lounging…

Behind every effortless gesture that gets heads turning there’s the quintessential saga of unrelenting labour of love. It’s talent, moulded on the anvil of unbridled effort to push the envelope. It’s impeccable fabric and accessories selection, from across the world.

It’s immaculate cuts, emanating from a deep understanding of prevailing vogue. And finally, it’s that intriguing cocktail of insights, instinct, intuition and inspiration to redefine the sophisticated masculine.