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  • 5 Wardrobe essentials for Men


    Style keeps on changing with the change of time from regular Polos to well-fitted suits, have you ever thought of reaching that point where you’re done with shopping forever?

    NO, not every guy has the perfect essential pieces in his closet. You just have to make sure that the clothes you are investing on should look best on you. To help you out, here we are with 5 ideal things one should have.


    • The Navy Suits –

    Why only stick to black and gray? From wedding ceremonies to formals, navy blues fits them all. Every guy should have suits perfectly tailored on their bodies with complimenting additions.




    • Casual White Sneakers –

    Now this will take us to another level of styling. A highly demanded pair of bright white sneaker these days is a must because of its quality of “versatility”. One can experiment them with denims, trousers, chinos only if the choice is right.




    • Grandad Collars –

    Nothing can beat the style of Grandad shirts, which has made it popular since the 20th century. Mix and match game always works in this case. With the modern renewal, there has been a certain amount of changes made but the look has always remained intact.




    • Ripped Denims –

    Looking for a perfect Street Style Look? Ripped jeans are not at all a bad idea. You can keep the things super casual with a cardigan, funky shirts and even with blazers.




    • Over Coats –

    An overcoat can make you look immensely great if chosen the right way and right time. It’s a classy menswear which can be worn on formal or casual attire. The overcoats have a completely different look because of the perfect blend of its length, texture and style.



  • Party wear outfits to elevate your look


    Keeping aside all the fun, the main thing about parties is the look- you have to look good in a party, and who knows maybe you manage to catch the eye of someone special.

    There’s no rule-book to look perfect; some common notions which people think are, what can be a cool party wear shirts or what shoes should I wear with jeans, what could be the best party wear suits for men and so on.

    Bonsoir has a big collection of party outfits and you can pick any from these top 5 -


    • Waistcoats

    It’s a versatile piece of clothing and works both in the professional and non-professional environment. For best results, fold your sleeves up to arms length.

    WC-109 BROWN



    • Suits

    The classic black suit piece will give you the confidence to be the most well groomed man in the party. A suit can be a man’s best friend to a party.




    • Indo-Western Dress

    What can define your looks better than being all looking like a Maharaja at the wedding or special occasions?



    • GabruKurta-Pyjama

    It will make you look class apart not only in the big, fat, Indian shaadi, but also in festive occasions. Apart from good looks, you also get the tough guy looks.



    • Classy Nehru jackets

    A Nehru jacket works superbly with both ethnic Indian dresses as well as formal dresses. It gives an amazing look when wore with kurta pajama.


  • Bundi’s - Fashion that Never Fades


    What do you think about Bundi? Most likely of something which is out of trend and only worn by politicians or old age people?

    You are highly mistaken. Most of the men feel that bundies are not trending and yet not fits with anything else other than dhotis or pajamas. But, if chosen at the right time with the right outfit, a bundi can make you look even more vibrant.
    This season with the same thought, Bonsoir has released a fresh collection of bundies to show how it can change your look in the most fashionable way.

    Check out these ways to get a kick to your look –

    Regular traditional look –

    We all agree to the fact that every man looks more charming in their ethnic look. A Bundi is all you need if you are still deciding on what to wear to your casual family gathering or rituals. Wearing a simple kurta with a dazzling Nehru jacket can elevate the whole look instantly. Just a pop of color can add a personality to your outfit.






    Change is the new constant. With the fashion, style keeps on changing. Like this, wearing Bundi with a trouser, chinos or jeans with the shirt is an easy going statement. You can button up or even keep your Bundi half open with folded sleeves to give a casual feel.

    WC-109 MEHROON


    Super Casual -

    Experimentation can never go wrong if done in the right way. Wearing Bundi over a shirt with denim shorts and loafers can give you a super casual look. If you are a well built man with a nice physique, you can flaunt your skin by wearing only Bundi with denims, it’s very cool and very stylish at the same time.



    These were few quirky styles to keep your fashionable look intact. To get your own, Bonsoir has introduced all new collection of Bundis, this summer.

  • Summer-Friendly Fabrics to Beat this Heat


    Are you ready?? The heat has finally arrived! It’s time to get up and update your wardrobe. Believe it! The right fabric can make all the difference in the world. It is the only way to stay cool even in the day time.

    This Summer, Bonsoir has come up with the light and fresh trend fabric styles to fit well to your everyday choices. With the rising temperature let’s stand out with the fabrics that not only keep your cool but also provide comfort –

    • Stylish Linen –

    Linen is one of the most suitable fabrics for this shining season. It is light weighted and known for its cool feel. Linen can be your perfect summer pick as it also comes in different soothing shades which give you a swanky look.




    • Original Silk –

    Don’t misinterpret the magic of silk only limited to winters. Due to its best absorbing quality, the fabric can be used in sweaty summers also. Known as a luxury material, the fabric is also known for its soft and cool touch.




    • Fine Cotton –

    As one of the most common natural fiber, cotton will always help you chic this summer. Without any doubt cotton is the most breathable fabric to beat the heat vibes. The rich and light feel helps you in keeping cool.




    • Blended fashion -

    Classy blends are a mixture of different fabric materials. These are good in resisting moisture that is why fits best for humid climates. The best part is, blends require a little more than no maintenance like ironing!

    WC-109 MEHROON


    Knock out the summer heat and make your style simple yet stylish with Bonsoir.

  • Try out these Hairstyles to elevate your style quotient in 2017

    Are you bored of your current hairstyle? Need help picking up a brand new hairstyle? Read the space which is all about getting your hair game up.

    The year 2016 was all about man-buns and pompadours, but as the year has gone so do the styles. In the New Year, you will see a lot of variations of undercuts and fades because 2017 is all about getting your hairstyle game sorted.

    From our favorite Bollywood actors to musicians like Zayn Malik and stylish dad, Anil Kapoor is not lagging behind in endorsing adventurous and new hairstyles, so why would you?

    So, here is the list of Hairstyles you really need to try out in 2017. Bring it on!


    1. The Undercut
      For someone who is little more conservative can go for a classic undercut which still maintains trimmed sides and leaves the top not too long.



    1. Side Part

    These are one of the popular nowadays. The side part hairstyle gets some fantastic volume from long wavy hair while the sides are cut into a low blunt fade.



    1. Spiky Comb Over

    Spikes are always in trend! The reason for this is that men like hairstyles which are easy to create. The hair is just swept backward to get the spiky look in front. You can apply gel or start combing backward to get the look.



    1. The Bald fade

    A bald fade or a cut that fades to the skin is an easy way to look cleaner without any madcap or crazy detailing. This look majorly goes with the military jobs or other requiring uniforms.

    Men Bald Fade Hairstyles 40 Best Short Hairstyles For Men Atoz Hairstyles

  • Steal Looks from these 5 Bollywood Actors

    We all were too engrossed in just checking out the clothes our stars wore and how well they looked on them. The actors in Bollywood have been bringing their fashion A-game to awards and appearances. This is the right time we would take a break from the world of women’s fashion to shower some appreciation on these devastating men’s.

    Fashion doesn’t have any language, so you can steal these actors’ looks in the near future to get that perfect look. Check out these Bollywood actors’ looks, and pieces we’re dying to steal!


    1. Ranveer Singh

    Ranveer Singh has been killing us with his smoldering looks while promoting his film Befikre. We can steal pretty much everything from this well-tailored suit which goes best during this fall wedding season.



    1. Ranbir Kapoor

    We want to steal everything the “Kapoor” wear, but if we talk about Ranbir Kapoor, he is always the picture of effortless cool attire at all his events. But last we saw Ranbir at Karan Johar’s show Koffee with Karan wearing White and Black suit complementing it with a black high neck which never goes wrong.



    1. Ayushmann Khurrana

    Ayushmann Khurrana has mega-fan of his soulful voice and acting talent, but recently his killer style is killing us. People are dying to steal his appliqué Anand Bhushan shirt and Gaps India jeans look complementing with Marc Jacobs sunglasses.



    1. Varun Dhawan

    Varun Dhawan is one of the actors who love breaking rules when it comes to looking his best. He always prefers color co-ordination rather than muted hues. His foolproof look is the one to steal from his amazing dapper looks to get your suit game on point.


    1. Harshvardhan Kapoor

    Harshvardhan Kapoor has been killing us from the time he was doing promotion for his film “Mirzya”. He was wearing this soft tailored blazer over kurta aesthetic, and we think stealing this look will be a great YES for this fall season.




    From the Amazon Indian Fashion Week we can conclude that real fashion holds strong on the streets. When it comes to fashionable gents have an ability to bring different and edgy style on the streets of fashion week. Whether you’re wearing a dhoti with a classy buttoned shirt it always look great on the street.

    Pastel colors are back with a bang not for the female but for men’s. You can pair up a denim jacket with pastel pink, is a street style gold. So if you’re looking for some fashion inspiration, ditch the runway and scroll for these street style from Amazon Indian Fashion Week Day 1 and Day 2.


    The best thing about street style is mix-match. You can add prints to your boring formal wear to change the overall feel of the look.


    Nitiz Kalia one of the famous art director, rock the contrasting pastel pink color look pairing up with denim jacket.


    This quirky look can define the importance of street style with a twist for casual look.


    You can try out this embroidered shirt for the coming festive season to get that perfect out of the box look.


     Give a twist and turn to your bandhgala suits for this wedding season. Tryout the new print on your bandhgala fabric and stand out from the crowd.

    Forget the runway and tryout these street style looks which always encourage you to do out of the box things. Who knows you can create never seen before things by taking idea from these looks. Mix match with prints and colors this season for that perfect look.

  • Menswear Trend for winter 2016

    Putting together a perfect look every time you step out from your home is not an easy task. Looking great takes efforts! As season change it changes trends every year. This year Menswear Winter collection highlighted a reignited interest in warm and rich colors materials for your perfect inspiring wardrobe. Winter’s are all about warm colors which ignite your personality. It’s worth knowing which way men’s style winds are blowing, and exploring the options there in. Read on for top trends you need to try this winter.

    Shades of Copper


    We always select colors like navies, greys, blacks and dark greens as winter traditional colors but this winter the color which really stood out is “Copper”. You can replenish your wardrobe with the shades of copper.

    Duffle Coats


    This season ramp shows are all about duffle coat and camel was the popular color to crop up with. Designers showcase their own design for duffle coat by extending the length or cutting the sleeves off.
    Silk Shine


    Silk shirts are the most obvious and easiest way to get on the trend but this winter the shine of silk can be shown on suits as well. You can trend your winter wardrobe with these silk suits to get that silk shine.

    Plump Shoes


    The most important thing is the shoes to ignite you wardrobe. Whether you’re a lace up or loafer man you should definitely try out these plumps this season. You can wear these with everything in your wardrobe from trousers to tailoring.
    Try out these fashion hacks this winter for that classy and dapper look, which stands out to be the perfect look you want every time you step out from your home.

  • Men’s Fashion Trends for 2016 Weddings

    There is something evidently captivating about a man who has an exceptional sense of fashion. Whether it is the right hairstyle or a well-fitted shirt, looks are the first aspect that catches your eye. A modern man has become truly mindful of what he wants and women want to see in him! A man’s keen interest in fashion these days may come as a surprise to a number of women. This interest in fashion seems to have grown overnight. There were times, when men used to be hostile towards fashion and shopping. But during the last few decades, the expansion of men’s fashion market has transcended that of women’s. Today’s metrosexual man is immensely conscious about his style and fashion needs.

    Men’s Fashion Today

    The classic coats, bandhgala suits, elegant tuxedos, embroidered Jodhpuris and Indo-western suits are among the latest men’s fashion trends for 2016 weddings. This wedding season pay attention to original classic colors, cell and strip for creating an exclusive image. Give priority to good fabrics and wool.

    Some of the trends for this wedding season are:
    Click here link to get a similar look: Click Here


    Pair this elegant 5 piece suit, available at Bonsoir, with a
    black bow tie and be a show stopper this wedding season.
    The magic of a bow tie can never go unnoticed. This immemorial classic has become an endearing modern accessory. Bright colored bow ties are so much in fashion. If you like a simple and elegant look, you can try a white colored bow tie. Not only these look good, but gives the entire outfit a classy aristocratic touch.
    Click this link to get a similar look: Click Here


    Try this no tie look, with V-neck waistcoat with satin detailing
    on sides & pintuck shirt with contrast cuff & collar, available at Bonsoir.
    For a summer 2016 wedding, you can surely give up ties and bow ties. You should definitely give preference to lighter shades this summer. You can choose from a huge number of designer collections.

    Click this link to get a similar look: Click Here


    This modish bandhgala suit with 3 stylish show buttons,
    available at Bonsoir, goes extremely well with the unshaven look.
    Don’t give up your everyday look for a wedding! A man + Beard = Absolute Sexiness! For a number of women, bearded men are simply irresistible. For this wedding season, a beard is a total yes yes!
    Click this link to get a similar look: Click Here

    Fashion with a Twist of Technology

    The world of shopping has changed from real to virtual. Men who used to be hostile towards shopping because of its time consuming nature, are now trolling over online fashion blogs and websites. The shopping websites offer a great collection of designs, brands, price range and colors to choose from. Those who have an eye for detail, a good fashion sense and quality, usually find themselves trawling over fashion blogs and online shopping sites. We owe it all to the technological advancements that has brought fashion in our palm. We can browse from a wide range of latest fashion trends and price brackets without going through the hassles of ‘real’ shopping.
    We, at Bonsoir, have for you a wide range of formal, ethnic and party wear collection. Customers can make the best use of our look books and blog to have the idea of latest fashion trends. Groom yourself for this weeding season with Bonsoir!
    Search our store near by you:- click here

  • Fashion Knows No Boundaries

    The saying “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” truly justifies the well-known people from the sports arena. Fashion is not only restricted to Bollywood and Hollywood, it knows no boundaries and it’s really glad to learn that some of the sports personalities are great fashionistas. They are not only players while on the field but they are also great players in the world of fashion. Here, we have shortlisted some of the sports personalities who have carved a niche of their own in fashion.


    Not only his power packed performance on the field make women go weak on their knees but also, his aura and sense of dressing make millions of girls go gagaover him. His macho look makes him one of the top sportspeople who knows really well how to dress up and look his best every time he is out. Be it a fashion event, wedding or a casual hangout with his co-players, he is a man with flair. He has flawlessly carried off this 2 pc suit with great panache. The look is beautifully enhanced with a printed pocket square.
    Click here link to get a similar look: Click Here

    David Beckham

    David Beckham is a complete package when it comes to talent, style and looks. His sense of dressing is really versatile. He pulls off any look with ease and is equally comfortable in any kind of outfits. At one moment, he becomes a casual lad wearing a pair of denim, casual tee and sneakers and right at the other moment, you can catch him in a well-tailored tuxedo. David Beckham has spectacularly carried off this velvet tuxedo and is looking his best.

    Click this link to get a similar look: Click Here

    Vijender Singh

    We all know about his boxing skills but very less people are aware about his sense of styling. With an attractive personality and looks, Vijender Singh has been part of many fashion shows. This Indo Western outfit is brilliantly flaunted by this young man and he looks extremely vivacious. Apart from designer outfits, Vijender Singh has his own personal style. Above all, we are the ones who make fashion, Right?

    Click this link to get a similar look: Click Here

    Vijender Singh

    How can we forget Yuvraj Singh when we talk about the most fashionable sports personalities?This Punjabi munda has a vivacious dressing sense along with an eye-striking persona. He looks hot as well as elegant in this black bandhgala suit set. A golden wrist watch is the perfect accessory picked to complete this look.

    Click this link to get a similar look: Click Here

    So, even you can be a fashionista and set your own sense of styling. Bonsoir is one of the best fashion e-stores where you will get a wide range of stylish attires. These super-trendy outfits will really help you to get the exact look you wish to flaunt.

    Search our store near by you:- click here

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